Making the Ordinary Extraordinary...!

With so many members still away on holiday Chapel Field Road was nevertheless full of exiting members and eight new members who we were delighted to welcome as new members of the Society for the first special presentation of the new season presented by Damien Demolder.

Damien Demolder began his talk at Norwich & District Photographic Society by asking everyone present to define ‘street photography’.  What followed was entirely predictable as one by one members gave textbook answers to the question.  After a few minutes Damien recalled a workshop where he asked the same question and after having received similar answers, he finally e got to a youngster at the end of the group who was participating in the workshop – Street photography is all about making the ordinary extraordinary the youngster replied...!

A full house at Chapel Field Road for the opening night of the new season.

A full house at Chapel Field Road for the opening night of the new season.

What followed  the telling of this story last night was definitely no ordinary talk on photography (street) it was in every way truly extraordinary.  Damien had promised to present a heavily illustrated talk during which he would explain his approach to street photography, and how he uses light and exposure to grab the attention of the viewer.   He also said the talk would be instructive as well as fun, and that the audience would come away with new concepts to think about and a new way of looking at street photography.

The outcome...?  Damien you delivered in spadefulls and the members of the Society came away inspired by your skill as a photographer, your ability to inspire us all think differently and the humorous way you kept us hooked throughout the evening.  Thank you, Damien this was a great start to our new season, and you have certainly raised the bar for the other speakers who will be making a presentation this year to the Society’s members.

Damien you made a big impact and we look forward to seeing you back at Norwich in the future.

Interested in improving your photography or just starting out on your journey…?  Why not come along and see what we have to offer.  You can also learn more about the Society and download an application form to join on our website at

With roots that can be traced back to the middle of the nineteenth century Norwich & District Photographic Society (NDPS) is one of the oldest photographic societies in the country. The annual season has something for everyone being jam-packed with fantastic presentations from accomplished photographers, practical workshops and tutorials, field trips, special interest groups, the usual photographic competitions and much more...!.

Who knows you could also be on the workshop that is being planned for later in the season with Damien Demolder.