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A masterclass in Sports Photography by Mark Pain

Last Tuesday’s ‘Special Presentation’ (8th October) was a fantastic evening of terrific images from the master of sports photography Mark Pain.

With the continued growth in the membership f the Society and the knowledge that guest tickets tickets would be in great demand it was decided to use the larger  upstairs hall at the Methodist Hall. Our confidence paid off as once again the room was full and another three new members joined the Society on the night.

 Apart from the amazing photographs Mark went into great detail about some of his images and the preparations that a professional photographer is required to plan and carry out in order to be in the right place at the right time to get the shot…or as Mark puts it ‘Capturing the Moment’

 Mark emphasised a number of times the importance of knowing your camera intimately and knowing exactly what your camera can do and just as important what it can’t do. 

Mark also spent time answering questions from members of the Society both during his presentation and afterwardfs

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Planning starts today for the Society's 104th Annual Exhibition

The Society’s Annual Exhibition at Norwich Cathedral closed today but thoughts are already turning to next year and the 104th Annual Exhibition showcasing the work of all the Society’s members.

Last season’s annual exhibition was praised by the Cathedral team for being the best photographic exhibition held since the Hostry had been opened. The general consensus has been that this year’s exhibition was even better with more than one hundred prints on display that represented the range of talents throughout the Society and the very best of Norwich & District Photographic Society. Also on display has been the usual excellent panel of work by our colleagues at Foto-Club Koblenz and the winning entries in this year’s Open Public Competition.

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