Norwich & District Photographic Society


1. The following Rules apply to the International Three-Way Photographic Competition (the Competition) between Foto-Club Koblenz, Le Ciné Photo Club Nivernais, and Norwich and District Photographic Society (the Clubs).

2. The Competition will be held annually on a date that has been mutually agreed by the Clubs.

Competition Rounds

3. The Competition will be held over three (3) separate rounds held on the agreed date in Koblenz, Nivernais and Norwich.

4. Each Club shall enter a set of twenty (20) DPI images in the Competition (resulting in a total of sixty (60) images to be scored by each of the appointed judges during each round).

5. The images entered by each Club shall include a minimum of five (5) monochrome and five (5) colour images with the remaining ten (10) images being any combination of monochrome and colour images (including all monochrome or colour images).


6. The theme for the Competition shall be chosen by each Club in rotation. The Club whose turn it is to select the theme shall provide guidelines to the other two Clubs within 10 days of the date of the Competition being agreed (so there is clarity as to how the theme should be interpreted).


7. Colour image – all images except those included in Rule 8 below are defined as colour images. A black and white image which has been modified by the addition of partial toning or by the addition of one colour to any part of the image is a colour image.

8. Monochrome images – a black and white image or one which has been modified by the addition of a single tone to the entire image is defined as a monochrome image.


9. All entries must originate from a photographic image (or images) taken by a photographer who is a current member of a competing Club.

10. Each photographer is restricted to a maximum of two (2) images being entered in the Competition.

11. Each Club must ensure that their combined entry includes images taken by at least twelve (12) different photographers.

12. DPIs are not eligible if they have been entered in a previous Competition between the three Clubs.

13. All post-capture processing and/or manipulation of the image must be the sole work of the photographer. Clip-art and royalty-free images are not permitted.

14. The copyright of all elements of any entered image must be at the disposal of the photographer.

Organisation of the Competition

15. Each of the three Clubs will be responsible for organising and hosting a Round of the Competition in accordance with these Rules during which the same sixty (60) images will be scored (See Rule 4).

16. During each round, the images are to be scored by an external judge appointed by the Club hosting that round in accordance with the following principles:

The appointed judge shall be independent.

The appointed judge should be selected from a current list of Judges published by a Regional Photographic Society in Germany, France and the UK who is qualified to officiate at inter-club competitions.

Each Club will be responsible for all matters including the payment of any fees and other expenses resulting from their appointment of a judge.

17. Each Club must ensure that the images are displayed from number 01 through to 60. This is to ensure that each Club’s entries are displayed in a random order. (See Rule 19).

18. Only the number of the image will be announced as it is displayed. The title of the image and the name of the Club must not be declared until after the score has been awarded by the judge to maintain anonymity.

Preparation and Presentation

19. Projected digital image files, which will be projected on a black background, are to be saved in the following format:

Colour Space – Srgb

File Format – jpeg (.jpg) only, saved at its finest setting (12 in Photoshop).

Image Size – Digital images must be formatted to fit within a frame of 1,400 pixels wide x 1,050 pixels high. Therefore, a portrait image must not be more than 1,050 pixels tall.

Image Number – Images will be numbered from 01 to 60. The twenty (20) numbers to be used by each Club will be chosen at random by NDPS and communicated to the other two Clubs by the end of December 2017.

Filename – DPI Images must be numbered using the following convention: NUMBER_TITLE OF IMAGE_NAME OF CLUB.jpg

20. Digital copies of the DPIs being entered must be submitted to each Club no later than Tuesday 16th January 2018, in the format and manner specified in Rule 19.


21. In all Rounds images will be scored out of 10 in increments of half a point. The judge will be advised that all images (in each Round of the Competition) that, in his/her opinion, merit such recognition should be awarded maximum points.

22. The judge’s decision regarding the score awarded to all images is final.

23. Once all three rounds have been played out the three Clubs shall declare the scores given by the judge in their country to all sixty (60) images.

24. Each Club will appoint a ‘scorer’ who collectively shall have the sole responsibility for agreeing the outcome of the Competition and declaring the winner.

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