Landscape Group 


The objectives of Landscape Group are simple – to encourage and help NDPS members who wish to take part improve their landscape photography, enhance their understanding of the equipment and techniques available, learn through collaboration with fellow members and most importantly have fun.

Landscape is one of the oldest art forms with many famous landscape painters such as John Constable, Jacob van Ruisdael and J M W Turner. Since the invention of the camera landscape photography has become one of the most prolific forms of photography, reaching critical acclaim in the hands of photographers like Ansel Adams and more recently in the UK through the likes of David Noton and Joe Cornish to name but two.

Latterly techniques such as intentional camera movement (ICM) and multiple exposures have enabled photographers to come closer to the ephemeral images painted by Turner in his later period and the use of perspective control or tilt/shift lenses has allowed digital photographers to emulate the depth of focus and perspective control long achieved using traditional large format cameras.

The use and understanding of filtration is another area in landscape photography that has advanced considerably in the last twenty years and nowadays it is unusual not to find a set of neutral density and graduated filters taking up valuable space in the landscape photographer’s bag.

Begun just a few years ago the landscape group although still in its infancy has developed a full programme each season to support members who wish to improve their skills in creating landscape imagery, whether this is with a traditional or more contemporary approach.  In addition, in the recent past, we have been able to organise exclusive workshops with renowned local professional photographer Justin Minns out on the coasts of both North Norfolk and North Essex.

Currently, we meet monthly at one of the many picturesque locations that can be reached within an hour from Norwich.  These events are a relaxed, friendly and informal way to improve your landscape photography as part of a small group of about ten (10) to twelve (12) photographers.

The shoots normally start early morning (September to March) and later in the day (April to June) and generally end with a get together and drink over which we can discuss the outcomes and plan future events. Keep an eye on the website for choice of location and meeting times.  Please note that published details may be altered at the last moment so we can take account of expected weather conditions.

In the longer-term it is planned to extend the activities to include:

  • Regular field trips to locations beyond Norfolk

  • More frequent Workshops on a variety of landscape related topics

  • Facility for sharing and critiquing members’ work

  • Advice for members who wish to achieve distinctions from eith the RPS or PAGB for their work

‍‍‍‍‍‍Please remember, The Landscape Group can only be as good as the input made by its members so if you are willing to organise or lead any kind of event that you think will be of interest to members, please step forward. Please don’t be shy – all offers of help will be greatly appreciated…!