Next Landscape group Shoot will be at Brancaster Staithe

With sunny intervals and a light breeze expected on the North Norfolk Coast for the three days preceeding the next Landscape Shoot it has been decided to meet at Brancaster Staithe at 6:15am on Sunday 20th October.

The weather is forecast to be similar to the previous days on Sunday morning although the wind is likely to have increased in force with light rain expected after lunchtime.

Meet in the car park at the end of Harbour Way to the right of the cottages in front of the Sailing Club

Sunrise is approximately 7:35AM when the height of the tide will be around 5m

After the shoot for those who are interested there is the opportunity of visiting Deepdale Cafe which has proved very popular in the past with NDPS members who enjoy a good breakfast before heading home..

What to shoot:

The main channel, Mow Creek, a broad expanse of water (rising tide) which spreads out into numerous smaller creeks busy with yachts. Around the quay there are usually fishing boats and the surrounding area is packed with interesting details such as piles of lobster pots and other fishing gear. Switching to a longer lens here offers the chance to look for more intimate images.
Finally, after sunrise there is often good images to be captured aroud the entrance of the Staithe where there is an old cottage and reed beds along the farside of the creek that are lit by light from the rising sun.

Old fishing boat at Brancaster Staithe

Old fishing boat at Brancaster Staithe