POTY Round 1 information

Tomorrow night at the beginning of the meeting we shall be taking a look at the new website. In those circumstances to be entirely fair to new members it has been decided to extend the deadline for submitting images until 12 mignight on Wednesday 18th September.

Already a large number of images that have been already entered for POTY 1 are incorrectly named and/or in some instances saved in the wrong colour space. It is importantant that members format their images and name them correctly for the following reasons.

1) The projector has been set up to project images that are 1,600 x 1,200 pixels in size.

2) The projector has been colour calibrated to display the image in sRGB format.

If you do not follow the above 2 simple rules there is no guarantee that your image will be projected to correctly. If the image is to the old size format it may appear stretched and if it’s in the wrong colour space the colours could appear differnt to what you saw on your own PC when processing the image.

3) The name format is important because when images are uploaded from the Dropbox into the competition software it is done automaticaly.

If the format is incorrect it could result in the image not being uploaded and if you do not use the same name for yourself throughout the competition the score for that image(s) may not be recorded properly.

The name format for the first round of POTY and all other competition is in three parts:

The first part must be the TITLE OF YOUR IMAGE in CAPITAL LETTERS followed by an UNDERSCORE

The Second is your First name followed by a space and then your Surname. Again this is followed by an UNDERSCORE

The third part is the competition reference in this case POTY1.

The UNDERSCORE is what separates the first part from the second and the second from the third part. The correct use of CAPITAL LETTERS and the Underscore between the component parts of the title are very important since the software needs to pick these up so it can place the information into the appropriate database files in the competition software.

Images already received for POTY 1 will be corrected THIS TIME but not in future as it takes too long. Besides it is evident that some people have no difficulty getting right everytime…!

Maurice Young