After last night’s inspirational talk by Damien Demolder are you interested in learning more...?

NDPS are exploring the opportunity of Damien running a workshop exclusively for NDPS members either here in Norwich or perhaps further afield for example In Cambridge or London  

002_12072019_Damien Demolder.jpg

Damien is offering a practical shooting session for NDPS members, in which he teaches street photography to a group of about ten (10) members. These are instructional sessions that will teach members to see and shoot in a new way that most people find amazing. There are set exercises and tasks, and Damien reviews what the group is doing the whole time. The seesion is NOT a street walk where everyone gets together just for a social occasion, though Damien stresses they it will be fun, and participants  of all levels will enjoy the day immensely.

These days with Damien usually last six or so hours, with breaks for lunch and refreshments. The day will start and end with a discussion and Damien will take time to review the images taken with friendly and helpful commentary.

Damien will also brings along a number of cameras for people to try that are more suited to street photography.

Currently, Damien is suggesting mid-December as a suitable timeframe and the cost will be £99 each.  If you are interested, please add a suitable comment at the foot of this image and depending upon the response we shall try and get something organised with him.