The Committee is accountable for conducting the business of the Society on behalf of its members.  The Officers of the Society are currently:

Hazel Davidson - President

Keith Garnham - Chairperson

Neil Hall - Vice Chairperson

Tom Watson - Secretary

Della Garnham – Treasurer

Maurice Young - Programme Secretary - in this role Maurice is currently responsible for also managing both Competitions and the Annual Exhibition

Paul Cowcher - Membership Secretary

The Committee comprises the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Programme Secretary and Membership Secretary (as Officers)  and in addition the Competition Secretary, Exhibition Secretary and a maximum of six (6) elected Full or Honorary members. The additional elected members of the Committee currently are:

David Lloyd - committee member with responsibility for seeking sponsorship opportunities for the Society.

Paul Oliver - designated member of the committee with responsibility for ‘safeguarding’ guidance to members of the Society.