Special Interest Groups


Landscape Group

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Studio Group

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Tom’s Tours


Many NDPS members choose to join one or more of the specialist Groups which concentrate more closely on particular areas of photography and imaging. Currently, there are three Special interest Groups which all meet about once a month:

Landscape Group launched in September 2016, aims to encourage and develop the practice of landscape photography, in all its many forms.  It has quickly become established and regularly more than 10 members of the Society turn out on its shoots.

Studio Group the oldest of the NDPS Groups normally meets on the first Monday evening of each Month. The intention of this group is to provide a varied programme of events and activities to encourage members to take and share photographs, both in the studio and in outdoor locations. The programme includes portrait, fashion, still-life and desktop macro sessions and occasionally shoots at outdoor location or events.

Tom’s Tours begun in September 2017 these shoots organised by NDPS Secretary Tom Watson have quickly become a central part of the annual programme and are affectionately know as ‘Tom’s Tours’,  Covering genres such as street photography, fairs, architecture and many other subjects through to Urbex and other quirky locations. Tom has proven that he has the ability to get into locations that are not normally available to photographers.

In addition, to the above established groups the Society runs workshops on image-processing to help members achieve the best results and is committed to assisting those members who wish to submit work for RPS and PAGB distinctions..

When there is demand from members the Society regularly organises specialised workshops led by experts (for example, wildlife and nature, and street photography) which could if there is sfficient numbers result in new Special Interest Groups being formed in the future.

All members of the Society are welcome to join any or all of the Special Interest Groups. However, non-members of the Society are not normally able to attend these get togethers.

Click on the appropriate image to find out in detail about each of the Society’s Special Interest Groups. If you require any further information please contact us or come along to one of our regular meetings to see for yourself what we have to offer.