Norwich & District Photographic Society

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Results will be added after every competition throughout the season with the most recent results at the top of the page‍‍‍.

Competition results

Tuesday 25th September 2018- The first round of the annual competition to find the NDPS photographer of the year judged by Mike Cowling APRS.

Theme ‘Monochrome Open’ with no restriction on subject matter.  Monochrome images are limited to normal black and white or greyscale tones.  Toning may be employed to create an overall cast such as Sepia Toning over the whole image.  No other colour is to be introduced in any part of the image.
The first four images (all rec‍‍‍eiving full marks 10/10) selected by Mike Cowling were as follows::
First:  Tom Watson - Red Arrows
Second:  Stan Jennings - Ruppells Vulture
Third:  Rob Stephens - Faces of India
Fourth:  Paul Cowcher - Dog Face

In addition, two other images received a score of 10.  These were Martin Claxton - White Horse and Maurice Young - Voodoo Goddess.

The six images that scored 10/10 are shown below:








‍‍‍P‍‍‍hotographer of the Year

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