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It is important that all images being submitted to the Society for competitions, the annual exhibition, monthly challenges or simply for feedback are submitted using the protocol set out below. Failure to do so makes administration much more difficult as the software used to catalogue images and prepare competitions entries requires the data in the correct format.

NDPS Members are encouraged to enter the club competitions. As a beginner this can be quite daunting but the judge’s feedback, anonymous unless you are one of the ‘winners’, can be very beneficial.


If you are not familiar with the terminology then briefly:

PDI = Projected Digital Image. This is simply a JPG that is projected onto the screen.  No author identification or similar text/logo may appear on the image
PRINT = a printed image with a minimum size of 300 sq. cm. No author identification or similar text/logo may appear on the print 
MOUNT = a mount card to display the print, 50 cms by 40 cms in either portrait or landscape orientation. It must be carefully backed by another large card. Please ask in the Competition Secretary if you are not sure about this. A label on the back, top left, identifying the Society’s name, author, and image title.

Full details explaining how to prepare and name images before submission are at the bottom of this page.



POTY Round 1

Information about Round 1 and Submission Dates:

Theme - Open (Just let us see your best shots). This is a DIGITAL round that deliberately has a very broad theme so as to give everyone, particularly new members of the Society, the maximum opportunity to do well.

Deadline for PDI submissions - midnight Tuesday 17th September 2019


POTY Round 2

Information about Round 2 and Submission Dates:

Theme - The World in Black and White.. This is a PRINT round that is not simply restricted to monochrome images so as to provide the maximum opportunity for creativity.

Deadline for PDI submissions - midnight Tuesday 15th October 2019. Mounted Prints must be handed in by 7:15 PM on Tuesday 22nd October.


POTY Round 3


Information about Round 3 and Submission Dates:

Theme - Starts with ‘S’.. This is a DIGITAL round that deliberately asks you to use your imagination. Yes sunrises and sunsets can be very beautiful but many more things begin with ‘S’.

Deadline for PDI submissions - midnight Tuesday 26th November 2019


POTY Round 4

Information about Round 4 and Submission Dates:

Theme - Powerful composition or break the rules.. This is a PRINT round that again like the earlier print round gives the opportunity to ‘think-outside-the-box’. .

Deadline for PDI submissions - midnight Tuesday 11th February 2020. Mounted Prints must be handed in by 7:15 PM on Tuesday 18th February.


POTY Round 5

Information about Round 5 and Submission Dates:

Theme - The emotion of being alone.. This is another DIGITAL round that concludes this Season’s POTY competition. The inclusion of the word ‘emotion’ suggests much more that a single subject in the image but that’s for the judge to decide…!

Deadline for PDI submissions - midnight Tuesday 14th April 2020


Annual Exhibition

Information about the Exhibition and Submissions dates:

The Annual Exhibition takes place in September each year at Norwich Cathedral. Full details of the exhibition is confirmed by the end of January each year.

Deadline for PDIs to be submitted for both PRINTS and the Digital Exhibition that runs alongside the main exhibition is midnight Tuesday 28th April 2020. PRINTS must be handed in by Tuesday 5th May 2020



Information about Competitions and Submission dates:

NDPS members are able to enter images for a number of external inter-club competitions, annual battles and the EAF Championships each year.

Deadlines for all these competitions is announced at the Society’s weekly meetings and published separately on both the Members Only Facebook page and the website. Please note the deadline is normally at least ONE (1) month earlier than the official deadline so that the strongest possible entry can be assembled to represent NDPS.


Monthly Challenge

Just submit an image

Information about the Monthly Challenge:

Normally each Monthly Challenge opens on the first Monday of the month and closes on the last Friday of the month. All images submitted are posted on the Members Only Facebook page and those that receive the most likes will be reviewed at a meeting towards the end of the following month

Information about Just submitting an image: This option is provided for any other situation when either it is necessary to submit an image or to be used in an emergency if a member is having difficult with any of the other options.
In both situations it is advisable to also send an email to confirm a image has been submitted using this option


How to Name and Submit an Image

Submit an image

Submitting Projected Digital Images (PDIs) is completely automated, and images that members wish to enter in a competition organised by the Society or want to be considered to be included in the Society’s entry in external competitions and inter-club battles must be submitted before the published deadline via the appropriate links.

For PRINT Competitions a digital image (PDI) identical to the final print version must in all circumstances be entered as above by the published deadline via the appropriate links.

Images being entered in the Annual Exhibition, monthly challenges or simply for feedback via the ‘just submit an image’ must be made in a similar way

Size of files

Unless otherwise specified in the rules of a particular competition all digital images must be formatted to fit within a frame of 1,600 pixels wide x 1,200 pixels high.  Therefore, a portrait image must not be more than 1,200 pixels tall.

Digital images must also be Jpegs, in sRGB colour profile.

Naming images

Name and save your digital image files in the following manner then click on the relevant button to submit your image.


The reference to attached at the end of the file name should correspond to the information given in each competition’s rules.  For example, for POTY Round 1 the reference should be POTY1, for POTY Round 2 – POTY2 and so on.

For example, WOODLAND IN SPRING_Fred Smith_POTY1 if an image of with that name is being entered by Fred Smith in the first round of POTY.  Take care not to use a hyphen (-) instead of an underscore (_) and also you must use CAPITAL LETTERS as indicated. 

Please take care to follow the naming convention as failure to do so makes organising the files much more difficult before each competition in the limited time available after the submission deadline and may result in your entry(s) not being included or considered for a competition.

 The software puts all text before the underscore of the file name into the ‘TITLE’ section and the member’s name in the ‘NAME’ section exactly as you type it – if you use variations on your name for each round you will appear as different entrants.

For example - if you use Fred Smith, Frederick Smith and F Smith the software will create three different entrants in the competition  and your scores won't be aggregated.

Competition Rules

The rules for all competitions are available and can be download in the ‘members’ area’ of the website.Member’s are solely responsible for making sure they are aware of the rules of each competition before submitted their entries particularly regarding copyright and other matters that might affect an image’s eligibility.

In the case of doubt the matter should be clarified with the Competition Secretary before the image(s) is submitted.